You show a "Suggested Retail Price" and a "Price After Discount". Which price do I pay with my $500 Holiday Travel Card?
  The price you pay for your 7 night accommodation purchase is the "Price After Discount". You will notice there is a $500 difference between the "Suggested Retail Price" and "Price After Discount".
After I purchase my Holiday Travel Card, how long before I need to book and take my vacation?
  Your Holiday Travel Card must be registered on within one (1) year from the date of purchase. From that point on, you can book your vacation anytime you want. Our website shows inventory 12 months out, so if you want to book a vacation for September of next year, you will have to wait until October of this year to be able to access the available inventory.
Can the $500 Holiday Travel Card be used for other travel components such as airfare or car rental?
  The Holiday Travel Card applies only to the accommodations provided on
Is the pricing listed on the website per person, per day or per room?
  All pricing shown on the website is for a full 7 night vacation. We do NOT charge per day or per person.
On the Property Details there are additional fees. Can you please explain these fees?
  Any resort that charges additional fees are All-Inclusive Resorts. Those fees are in addition to the purchase of your 7 night stay. However, those resorts are typically highlighted in red and indicated with "All-Inclusive Fees Mandatory". These resorts represent approximately 5% of the total inventory of resorts that we offer.
Are there additional Taxes & Fees? is valid for your accommodations only. It does not include food, beverages, taxes (including, but not limited to transient occupancy tax, energy surcharges, international taxes or fees), gratuities, transportation, service charges, resort deposits or incidental expenses. These items will be paid upon check-in or check-out at the host property. 

You are solely responsible for payment of any applicable taxes, gratuities, personal expenses, utility charges, security deposits and other fees or charges levied by a resort and/or provider of accommodations for the use of amenities and facilities.
Do you collect All-Inclusive Fees?
  We do not collect any fees or payments for properties offering “Optional or Mandatory All-Inclusive Programs.” All travelers staying at All-Inclusive properties are solely responsible for all payments and fees to the host property. Please review each property's profile carefully before making a decision. We cannot collect or quote fees. If fees are not displayed on the Property Details page, we urge you to contact the resort directly to find out any additional cost before booking your week. You can place the unit in question on a 24 hour hold while you contact the resort.
What is an All-Inclusive package?
  Some resorts offer All-Inclusive accommodations. These accommodations include at least all meals and beverages, some resorts will also include water sports and other amenities. Please review the property information to determine the specifics of what each property includes along with the room accommodations and meals before making a decision.
What is a Hold?
  You may place a hold on a particular property for a twenty-four (24) hour period without confirming such accommodation(s). If you do not confirm the particular accommodation(s) within such time period, the hold will be released and the accommodation(s) will be available for confirmation by others.
What are the Occupancy and Age Requirements?
  The total number of people occupying any accommodation(s) must not exceed the maximum occupancy of the particular accommodation(s) set forth; otherwise, access may be refused or the applicable resort or provider of the accommodations may levy an additional charge. You and your guests must occupy and use any accommodations in a responsible, careful and secure manner. You are responsible for any acts and omissions, which result in any damage, theft or loss, caused by you or your guests while using the accommodations. You must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age to confirm and check in to a vacation on this Web Site. In some instances, the minimum age to make a reservation may be higher where required by a resort or other provider of accommodations.
Can I cancel?
  Once you are confirmed, the reservation is non-transferable, non-refundable and not allowed to be cancelled - making your purchase FINAL. A name change is considered a cancellation.  A confirmed reservation may not be used for any commercial purpose, including renter's sale of the accommodation(s) which is/are represented by such reservation. A reservation may only be used by the person whose name(s) appears on the Confirmation Letter.

We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if payment is/are rejected by your bank or Credit Card company.

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